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What has Bikram Yoga done for you? Tell us your story. We will be choosing one testimonial per month to feature in our newsletter. Others will be posted here on our website. We'd love to hear from you!

"Bikram Yoga has helped me lose over 80 pounds. I have gained muscle mass, increased my flexibility, improved my overall happiness, increased my energy level and it has helped me gain confidence."
— Willow  

"I was diagnosed with mild high blood pressure as a young adult and have been on a low level medication for about 10 years. During this time I have maintained an average blood pressure of around 135 / 85 with the higher number never going below 130 and sometimes as high as 150. I took my first 11 classes in consecutive days and on the seventh day my blood pressure was down to 116 / 61 and hasn't reached more than 120 since."
— Curtis  

"I had chronic neck and shoulder pain for years. I had bursitis in both shoulders at one point (about 20 years ago) and sciatica. Bikram Yoga has really taken that chronic pain away. No more physical therapy or chiropractic visits. My strength and flexibility have improved so much since I started practicing."
— Julie  

"As a result of regular practice over the last two years, I lost 38 pounds; in addition to getting a tight butt and abs and increasing flexibility my practice has increased my body tone, eliminated most body pain, lowered my blood pressure and gotten rid of my asthma symptoms."
— Laima  

"I am OCD and when I started the yoga I began to see growth in my professional life. Our radio show's ratings went through the roof, we picked up more cities, and we're getting more, knock on wood, and I'm convinced it's because of Bikram Yoga. It helps me unwind and focus on things other than the craziness in my life. Bikram Yoga helped my body heal fast, it has helped with my back problem and my short temper."
— Johnjay  

"Bikram's 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises have empowered me to be physically, mentally and emotionally stronger than I have ever been in my entire life. The detoxifying benefits of Bikram's system of yoga have reduced my symptoms of Fibromalgia so greatly that at times I can experience living pain free."
— Jacquie  

"Since I started doing Bikram Yoga, I have noticed some incredible changes. I lost about 45 pounds and I stopped taking the two cholesterol medications I had been on for the last two years. In January, my cholesterol was down to 155 from well over 300. My appetite has decreased and I have eliminated fast food and soft drinks from my diet. In addition to healing the lower back injury, the most remarkable benefit I have received from Bikram Yoga is my short recovery time from a serious knee injury and knee surgery."
— Michael  

"I have experienced many benefits from consistent practice of Bikram Yoga, including the loss of 40 pounds and a dramatic increase in circulation."
— Jeff & Alison  

"Yoga relieved aches and pains in my hands, neck, and back, which are aches any massage therapist who works 8 to 10 hours a day experiences. I realized my hands did not require ice therapy that often reduced the pain, my back did not cry for rest as before, and I could turn my head with ease. BY brought me the inner peace I was missing, the 'pain free body,' and the belief that if I survived a BY class I could do anything in my life."
— Michaela  

"This is the first winter in years that I did not get sick. I'm sleeping much better throughout the night, I can focus better, and my stress levels are very much improved (a lot more patience). I dropped 2 notches on my belt, my clothes fit better and I have more energy. The benefits are endless. In addition to mind, body and spirit I've met some wonderful people, made some new friendships, and renewed some old ones."
— Cathleen  

"By adopting several lifestyle changes, including a vegetarian diet, eliminating heavy weight lifting and doing Bikram Yoga, I have lost about sixty pounds and feel have quite a new outlook on life. The weight loss alone has made it easier to practice, and has helped me evaluate other areas of my life and health."
— Edmond  

"For the past seven years, I have had some concerns over high cholesterol (please see the chart at the end). More specifically, I had borderline high LDL cholesterol levels. Although I haven't been in immediate danger, I just wasn't happy to see these numbers at age 37. I knew I wasn't headed the right direction... With some diet changes, I was able to maintain relatively acceptable total cholesterol. However, my bad cholesterol always stayed around the borderline high levels.
I took my first Bikram Yoga class on February 10, 2008, and started my first 60-day-challenge on March 1, 2008. Having completed almost 80 classes over three months, I was so hopeful that my newly developed exercise habit would help reduce the LDL cholesterol. So, in May 2008, I went to my family physician to get tested. From 134 in December 2006 to 136 in May 2008, my LDL cholesterol went up 2 points. The total cholesterol showed a small sign of improvement, but I was not happy with the LDL count...
Most likely, Bikram yoga did reduce the LDL cholesterol. But, because I did not get tested before starting Bikram Yoga, no one could tell what the impact was at that time.
I continued my practice, which helped me with stress management, anxiety and knee pain issues. I went to Teacher Training in September 2008, completing almost 100 classes over 61 days. After the TT, during 2009, I completed two more 60-day challenges. I lost 25 pounds over this time period. On July 1, 2009, I became a vegetarian. On January 2, 2010 I started my fourth 60-day challenge...
Finally, It was time for another blood test. On March 5, 2010, I went to my doctor's office to review the results with her. I was in her office nervously waiting, praying for a good result. I was willing to take 115 or 120, just to show some improvement, just to prove that what I did over the past almost two years was not for nothing. My doctor came in, logged in to her computer, was looking at the results. She turned me and said "Ben, are you taking any cholesterol reducing medicine?" I was somewhat confused. I said "No". I added "I have been a vegetarian since July 2009". She said "the results I am seeing here, the reduction you show, cannot be achieved by simply changing diet". She added "this much reduction we see when patients are on medication". I said "well, I have been doing Bikram Yoga since February 2008". She said "whatever it is, you have done a good job". I said "can you please tell me what it is". She said " your LDL cholesterol is 90". I could not believe it. A reduction of 46 points. I was finally in the optimal range...
She asked my permission to share this with the office. She came back with a group of doctors and nurses, all congratulating me. I kept telling them my story.... Apparently, my doctor's office recently decided to recommend life style changes over medicine to those with high cholesterol. But, my doctor told me that they would eventually prescribe medicine to reduce the cholesterol because the "life-style" change was never enough to reach safer levels of cholesterol. She said I was her first patient to achieve a 46 point reduction with out medication.... "

— Ben  

JUL 2003: LDL 149 TOTAL 223 AGE 37
JAN 2004: LDL 160 TOTAL 239  
MAY 2005: LDL 130 TOTAL 192  
DEC 2006: LDL 134 TOTAL 200  
MAY 2008: LDL 136 TOTAL 186  
FEB 2010: LDL 90 TOTAL 161 AGE 44

LDL Level mg/dL Interpretation
000 to 99 Optimal LDL cholesterol
100 to 129 Near optimal LDL level
130 to 159 Borderline high LDL level
160 to 189 High LDL level
200 to — Very high LDL level

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