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First Timers

Searching for the right Yoga class in Scottsdale?

"Why should I try Yoga?"

Choosing to start a Yoga practice is a first step to health and well-being! Whether you're looking to lose weight, tone muscles, heal injuries, or gain a sense of wellbeing – each is a worthy reason to try a Bikram Yoga class! Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga. Yoga is an all-encompassing physical activity, involving the body, mind, and soul. At Bikram Yoga Az, our goal is to provide a challenging workout for all levels while providing a healing place for all walks of life. We offer Bikram Yoga classes in Paradise Valley and Old Town Scottsdale. Our attentive Yoga Instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals; whatever they might be! If you think you are ready to try a Bikram Yoga Class read on for some great "first timer" tips. If you aren't convinced yet read some testimonials from real-life BYAZ students. Hopefully, their inspirational story will inspire you to start your own Yoga Practice!

First Timers

Congratulations on taking the first step towards changing your world! Our dedicated and educated staff is willing to help you make the changes you are looking for by guiding you through the Bikram Yoga Method; below are the top 8 tips from our staff, as well as other first timers, on how to get started the right way.

Tip #1: Be an early bird.

Fill out your registration before you come in and bring it with you!
Arrive to the studio AT LEAST 10–15 minutes before the class time starts.

Tip #2: Dress the part.

Less is more in the yoga room – while it may seem foreign to you now, you'll be shedding layers of clothing once you get start doing hot yoga. We suggest dressing to sweat – sport shorts and a sport top.

Tip #3: Drink.

Water, that is! Drink plenty of water AND electrolytes to prepare your body for the demands of hot yoga and sweating in a hot room for 90 minutes. Add extra water into your day for every caffeinated beverage you drink! Be sure to bring a plastic or steel bottle of water for the class (no glass, please!).

Tip #4: Don't eat a burger and fries.

Well, at least not before class! We recommend not eating 2 hours before you take class to avoid nausea and to allow the body to fully digest.

Tip #5: Stick it out.

Your first couple of classes can be overwhelming, like trying anything new. Just make up your mind to stay for the full 90 minutes class even if you need to sit down or lay down during that time. Being in the room will help your body acclimate to the heat and the yoga positions.

Tip #6: Gear up.

You wouldn't wear football cleats to play tennis, right?! Having the right gear sets you up for success. If you have a thin yoga mat and a large towel, bring it. If not, you can rent or purchase them at the studio.

Tip #7: Chill out.

Arrive early to relax before class starts – no one likes feeling rushed before yoga! At the end of class, be sure to take adequate time to rest. It's a well-earned reward and important for your body to cool down before getting up.

Tip #8: Don't be the smelly one.

Deodorant is great; smelly perfumes and lotions are not. Please rinse off if you are covered in smelly stuff before class, and refrain from applying smelly stuff in the studio after class.


Read our SWEATIQUETTE and get pumped - we can't wait to meet you!


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